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PRECO CORPORATION is located in Osaka, Japan and has more than 30 years of experience in the surface decoration industry supplying 100% Custom-made Heat transfer and Hotstamping foils. Throughout the course, the company has been working with major writing instrument and cosmetic packaging companies mainly in Europe making the most of know-how in color matching, state-of-the-art die-making and printing technologies. In addition, customizing each foils together from zero to the end, we discuss frequently with our customers to build up each steps in a production process. Thus we value to develop a close and long term business relationship with all our customers in both friendly and professional way.
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PRECO CORPORATION was established in 1972 by Yoshihisa Ishikawa (father of our current president, Kazuhisa Ishikawa) and virtually simultaneously heat transfer foil business has started breaking a story. At the beginning, our main line of business was to export plastic-related raw materials and Hotstamping foils to North America, Asia and Europe. And when Gravure Printed Heat Transfer Film was developed and introduced to a pen company in Germany, it was instantly spread around in the stationery market in Europe. Subsequently, Heat Transfer Film has become one of Preco’s flagships up to now. Today, Preco’s Heat Transfer foil is not only used in the stationery market but also applied on Oral care products, Consumer Electric appliance and the most fast-growing is ? Cosmetic products. Cosmetic products such as Mascaras, Lipsticks, Shadow compacts..etc. with Preco’s Heat transfer foil decoration catch eyes of choosy beauty shoppers all over the world.
Preco never be satisfied. We would like to keep challenging on new decoration techniques and would love to keep working with you as your decoration consultant.


our philosophy

PRECO CORPORATION believes all the service and actions have to be taken based on following philosophy:

- Satisfy our customer
Customer satisfaction is our satisfaction. Preco always fully endorses efforts of finding the best possible way to realize what our customer desires.
- Flexible in customers’ requirements
Our products are “Custom-Made products” and made considering - designs, colors, required resistance or durability, production condition, capability of machine, budget of the project..etc.
We try our best to meet customers’ requirements and in other word, our products are - made For You.
- Supply only Safe and Environmentally friendly products
Our products do not include any hazardous substances ? including SVHC substances in the updated SVHC candidate list in REACH regulation. Preco supplies only safe and environment friendly products.
- Supply products of “MADE IN JAPAN” quality
Preco considers ourself as a missionary to introduce high level Japanese state-of-the-art decoration techniques to the world. To be so true and proud to “MADE IN JAPAN” name, Preco would like to continue supplying high quality products with high quality services.

environment conscious process

All of our foils are printed under ISO14001 certified facility and we pursuit “Green” production process. Preco considers it is our responsibility to choose environmentally conscious decoration process thinking for the next generations.
Our objective is to offer solution to replace spray coating, lacquer or other coloring methods so called “wet” decoration process which sometimes contains hazardous substances. Our decoration methods are all “Dry” process by safe substances, which does not require liquid waste disposal either.
What is more, Heat Transfer film / Inmold Decoration covers up the flow marks of resin or color variations of recycled plastic. In other word, Heat Transfer film/Inmold decoration allow more recycle of plastics (resin), eventually.


our works

Years of our global activities have given us opportunities to work on the surface decorations in various industries, and onto multiple products such as stationery, cosmetics, dental products, consumer electronics products, Automobile products and many others…

PRECO CORPORATION is also known as technical challengers in the surface decoration industry.
Our biggest strength is accumulated know-how from the various experiences of over 30 years ? which have been researched and investigated thoroughly by our own chemists in-house. Delicate balance of multiple agents and inks blended per each motifs, and high-tech plate making technology should meet the purposes of each customers targets and requirements.

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